A woman stands in front of a group of other women, leading a discussion.

IOM staff member Maylia Rudolph facilitates a workshop on climate change awareness and disaster preparedness for school students attending Marshall Islands Christian School, Rongrong, Republic of the Marshall Islands in early 2017.

As part of the USAID-funded CADRE + program, IOM regularly conducts workshops and information sessions assisting Marshallese school students to better understand the ways in which climate change can produce hazards in their communities. In these workshops, IOM staff are able to educate students about climate change adaptation and disaster risk management strategies to enhance the resilience of Marshallese youth and their wider communities.

Through the CADRE + program, IOM has distributed educational materials such as storybooks, involved school students in public awareness campaigns and conducted focus group discussions in which Marshallese youth are able to share their attitudes towards climate change and what it means for their homeland. (Photo credit: Muse Mohhamed, IOM 2017).

Educating youth on climate change awareness

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