The rainforest canopy is an impressive place, and one that's not often visited by humans. Rainforest canopies, which generally sit 40-60 meters above the surface, are home to an impressive amount of biodiversity, including orchids, bromeliads, mosses, and lichens.

51 percent of Costa Rica's landmass is forested, and nearly half of that is considered primary forest, which is the most biodiverse and carbon-dense type of forest. Costa Rica is known for its ecotourism, which offers visiting tourists the opportunity to experience places like the rainforest canopy up close. Zip lines, sky trams, and sky walks are some of the main methods of ecotourism that bring tourists and the canopy together. 

This image, taken from a sky walk, gives a sense of the beauty of the canopy. In the background, the slopes of the famous Arenal volcano can be seen. 

Eye level with the canopy

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Country Costa Rica

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