This picture depicts a family of wildebeest in Dulahazara safari park, Chokoria, Bangladesh. The sanctuary is trying to provide as natural a habitat for the animals as possible in the tropical climate of Bangladesh, in an effort to study the animal. I didn't think twice about the photo after taking it, felt like any other generic photo that is going to fall in the pile of obscurity and be lost. But by sheer chance, the photo caught my attention a few months later, and I realized, the photo shows a deeper meaning of life. It showcases a family of wildebeest, and I couldn't help but connect with it. More often than not, we look at animals as they are, animals, but its more than that, these creatures have children just like us humans, these creatures rear their families just like humans, they feel the same way we do, then how do we think that we are so different? We take away their homes, their loved ones, their lives, yet we do not bat an eye. What makes gives us the right to do so? What makes us so different?

A fleeting sight of life

Copyright © 2020 Shohail Bin Saifullah

Country Bangladesh
Topics Biodiversity

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