A group of women in colorful clothes stand together on recently tilled land.

In March of 2017, members of the Nkhombedzi Rice Scheme in Chikwawa District in Malawi take a break from planting seeds purchased at a Catholic Relief Services DiNER fair (Diversification for Nutrition and Enhanced Resilience) to sing and dance. The DiNER program offers agricultural vouchers to beneficiaries to purchase drought-resistant seeds that can withstand Malawi’s changing climate. Many areas in Malawi have battled a long history of food insecurity due to flooding and drought. The DiNER Fair program is part of UBALE (United in Building and Advancing Life Expectations), a USAID Food for Peace-funded project which works to increase the food security of vulnerable households, improve the nutrition of children and mothers, and strengthen the disaster risk management of communities.

Increasing food security in Malawi

Copyright © 2019 Lauren Carroll/Catholic Relief Services

Country Malawi
Topics Disaster Risk Management

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