Women farmers sort beans by color in Quelimane, Mozambique. These women are part of a new in-grower scheme with agroforestry firm Grupo Madal and supported by the USAID Integrated Land and Resource Governance program. About 50,000 people have been farming on Madal’s underutilized landholdings. Rather than evicting these farmers, Madal has granted approximately 4,000 of them (85 percent women) land use rights and farming contracts under a pilot, providing farmers with inputs such as coconut saplings, cowpeas, maize, and peppers and extension support, with a guaranteed purchase by the company. Integrating women into commercial supply chains supports women’s economic empowerment, household well-being, and improved productivity. Quelimane was recently hit by Cyclone Idai, making these livelihood opportunities even more important to help families rebuild.

Increasing Women’s Economic Opportunities and Resilience Through Land Tenure

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Country Mozambique
Topics Gender and Social Inclusion, Democracy, Rights, and Governance

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