Feed the future Senegal Dooleel Mbay_ Kansera Sambou- field extension agent explaining how they use the manual rain gauges and share information with the smartphone

Kancera Sambou is a farmer from the Kolda region in Casamance, Senegal and a field extension agent at the Ninaba Association for Community Development (ADC Ninaba), one of the Feed the Future Senegal Dooleel Mbay activity's partner networks. Kansera explains how the rainfall readings collected by a manual rain gauge are shared across the network via smartphones. “Readings are taken on a daily basis. The person in charge of monitoring passes by in the morning and then in the evening after each rainfall. He then shares information with the surrounding villages within a radius of 3 to 4 kilometers," said Kancera. Digital technologies are not often highlighted in discussions on agriculture and climate change. However, they have the potential to address agricultural challenges and increase resilience. Dooleel Mbay, funded by USAID, is helping farmers to adopt digital communication tools such as WhatsApp to share information. The aim is to strengthen farmers' resilience by improving their access to accurate and timely climate information. Digital technologies offer countless benefits to agriculture today, not least by contributing to its resilience. Projects such as Feed the Future Senegal Dooleel Mbay empower small-scale farmers through digital technologies.

Leveraging Digital Technologies for Building Resilience in Farmers' Lives

Photographer Evelyne Sonko
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Country Senegal
Topics Adaptation, Agriculture, Natural Climate Solutions

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