Local cooperatives from Mexico, Guatemala, Paraguay and Peru participate in a peer exchange to learn about organic fertilizer production.

In 2019, Equal Exchange's local cooperative partners participated in a peer exchange in Peru to learn about organic fertilizer production as part of USAID's Cooperative Development Program. By choosing to produce organic fertilizer, the cooperatives plan to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. Through USAID's Cooperative Development Program (CDP) which sits in the E3 Office of Local Sustainability*, Equal Exchange works to build the capacity of the small-scale farmers they source from across Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru by working to reduce barriers throughout the supply chain. Limited access to capital, lack of cooperative governance, unstable market prices, climate change and gender inequity, are some of the challenges these farmers plan to overcome with CDP support. Equal Exchange is a U.S. worker-owned company headquartered in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Equal Exchange sells a number of organic, fair trade products to specialty markets across North America and Europe. * Once the Bureau for Democracy, Development and Innovation (DDI) is established, the CDP will sit in the Local, Faith and Transformative Partnerships (LFT) Hub. ---- Location and date the photo was taken: Peru, 2019 Who is depicted in the photo: Cooperative members from Guatemala, Peru, Paraguay What activity is depicted in the photo: A cooperative-to-cooperative exchange to learn about producing organic fertilizer. How the activity addresses climate change: Organic fertilizer emits less greenhouses gases than synthetic options. Name of the relevant program receiving USAID support (via Global Climate Change or other funds): Cooperative Development Program Names of partner organizations involved in the program: For this story, Equal Exchange. Other implementing partners include Land O'Lakes Venture37, NCBA CLUSA, Genex, Frontier Co-op, World Council of Credit Unions, NRECA International, Global Communities, HealthPartners, and the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC).

Local cooperatives exchange knowledge about organic fertilizer production

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Country Peru
Topics Food Security and Agriculture

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