In Lamokula Village, South Konawe District, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, USAID though Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience (Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim dan Ketangguhan – APIK) project brought the community to build their preparedness in facing flood risk. The community members agreed to have Abd Jalil as the leader of disaster preparedness group in the village. Among various capacity building activities that he received, he really likes the use of local wisdom for disaster risk reduction. The communities are already familiar with mosque speaker and cellphones during flood emergency and evacuation. However, electricity and phone signal often become challenges during extreme condition. Learning from this experience, the APIK project encouraged the community to take benefit of kentongan (bamboo slit drum) as a supporting early warning system tool. As manual as it is, kentongan with its loud noise becomes a very reliable communication tool for Jalil and his community. They have used the kentongan to alert people to evacuate during three flood events in 2019. People hit the kentongan from one household to another and created a chain of noises. “It’s simple yet has a huge benefit during an emergency situation,” said Jalil.

July 25, 2019.

Local wisdom utilization to help people in disaster evacuation

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Country Indonesia
Topics Disaster Risk Management

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