A Maasai man starts a fire from the friction created by rubbing two sticks together– a traditional method that has kept the pastoralist Maasai people warm and well-fed for several centuries. As climate change threatens the Serengeti ecosystem that nourishes their cattle, so too is their rangeland decreasing from increased agriculture, wildlife preserves, and stricter land rights. The growing number of tourists and a waning nomadic lifestyle for many Maasai people presents an opportunity to share perspectives in a rapidly evolving world. Tourists are likely to learn about the threats to Maasai culture as they interact with them on their way to nearby national parks. While the future of the Maasai is uncertain, the ability for them to tell their story is stronger than ever. Sharing skills like fire making allows tourists to have more than just a window to others' lives; understanding similarities to Maasai families enables them to connect the dots on the collective fabric that defines us as we adapt to a changing climate.

Maasai man with fire

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Country Tanzania
Topics Adaptation

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