Moringa trees are promoted for its wide range of benefits

Akwalu Lupata, 54, married with 4 children suffered gastric ulcers for 10 years.

“For 10 years I could not eat any solid food. I was living on fluids only. But since I started growing moringa trees which also has medicinal/healing properties, I’ve been taking the moringa powder, and the ulcers have cleared off. I can now eat normally without any pains Now that I’m healed, I work hard on my crop field.”

USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA - ex FFP) is supporting Malawi (through WFP) to change lives of rural communities through of a range of various interventions. These includes productive asset creation for smallholder farmers and afforestation. Amongst other trees that are planted by participants, moringa trees are promoted for its wide range of benefits.

Moringa's magic power

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Country Malawi

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