People of Paramo
This photo was taken in Silvia, Cauca, Colombia, and shows a group of Guambianos Indigenous people, who are working with Paramos and Forest Activity of USAID in the conservation of Paramos, one of the most important ecosystems in Colombia that provide water for 70% of the Colombian population. The Paramos Ecosystem, according to investigations, can hide more carbon in the ground than tropical forests. Protecting and conserving these ecosystems is one of the main goals of the Colombian State as they aim to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement. USAID's Paramos and Forests Activity is supporting the Colombian State in the protection of 100.000 hectares of paramos through changes in cattle and agriculture, and payments for environmental services, among other mechanisms. The Indigenous Cabildo of Guambia is one of the partners of USAID in this goal.

Paramos People

2021 Photo Contest Winner submission_type Winner
Photographer Juan Carlos Gómez
Copyright © 2021 USAID Paramos and Forests Activity

Country Colombia

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