A woman in a bright orange lifejacket looks into the distance.

Densu Estuary, Ghana. September 10, 2019. A member of the Densu Oyster Pickers Association (DOPA) looks at some of the 20,000 mangrove seedlings her women's association has planted during a boat trip to monitor oyster habitat conditions. On the Densu Delta, overharvesting, a new dam that reduces salinity in the water and mangrove degradation have contributed to declining oyster populations. USAID's Advancing Gender in the Environment (AGENT) partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is supporting work in Ghana, Indonesia, and the Philippines to address women's empowerment, access to finance, and sustainable fisheries management. Here, IUCN hears from the women of DOPA, supported by USAID's Sustainable Fisheries Management Program (SFMP) in Ghana, during a field mission in innovating and implementing ecosystem approaches to fisheries management, which includes repopulating important oyster habitats: mangroves.

Planting the roots for sustainable fisheries management and women's empowerment

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Country Ghana

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