A group of people watch as two men hoe a field.

This picture was taken by Marie Therese Imanishimwe, an employee of Feed the Future Rwanda Hinga Weze on June 30, 2019, in Nyabihu District in Northern Rwanda. It features a group of farmers supported by Hinga Weze, a five-year $32.6 million USAID-funded project (2017-2022) that aims to sustainably increase smallholder farmers’ income, improve the nutritional status of women and children, and increase the resilience of Rwanda’s agricultural and food systems to a changing climate. Hinga Weze works to empower over 530,000 smallholder farmers across 10 districts.

These farmers are being coached on proper spacing of crops as part of the package of good agricultural practices given to farmers in order to improve crop productivity.

Proper crop spacing to improve productivity

Copyright © 2019 Marie Therese Imanishimwe

Country Rwanda
Topics Education

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