Close-up shot of two pairs of hands as they plant a tree in soil.

The world needs more trees. In a recent study published in the journal Science, researchers at ETH Zurich concluded that the planet could support nearly 2.5 billion additional acres of forest without shrinking our cities and farms. Those additional trees could store 200 gigatons of carbon. Within the framework of the “Alliance for Sustainable Landscapes and Markets” financed by USAID and implemented by Rainforest Alliance in Mexico, we strengthen resilient, sustainable farm and forestland management of coffee producers in Chiapas. One of the main goals with our partner Olam is to reforest 4,000 hectares around coffee farms in Chiapas in order to preserve the region’s natural resources and strengthen the forestal management in coffee producers. Monte Sinai, Chiapas, 2019. Project: The Alliance for Sustainable Landscapes and Markets

Reforesting for a better world

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Country Mexico
Topics Natural Resource Management

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