Caliper serves to guide the fishers in right sizing their BSC catch

A fisher uses a kasag caliper to comply with sustainability requirements to catch legal sized blue swimming crabs. The USAID Fish Right Program co-developed the tool with the University of the Philippines Visayas and launched its use with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) in the island Barangay of Igbon. Igbon is a blue swimming crab model village in Concepcion, Iloilo that is receiving support from public and private sector partners to increase the blue swimming crab stocks. 

A strong public-private-community partnership between BFAR, USAID, blue swimming crab fishers, industry partners, and others, is aimed at improving the rating of the Philippine blue swimming crab from red (avoid) to yellow (good alternative) in the U.S. market. A yellow rating, which is conditional on responsible fishing practices, means broader access to the export market for blue swimming crab fishers. Sustainable fisheries facilitates a more stable livelihood and better incomes for fishers, a key contributor to climate resilience. 

Replenishing Blue Swimming Crab Stocks

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Country Philippines
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