A man stands in a mangrove forest with a seedling in his hand.

In Haruku Village, Central Maluku District, Maluku Province of Indonesia, USAID through its Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience (Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim dan Ketangguhan – APIK) project supports the community to enhance their resilience. They are prone to climate impacts, especially tidal waves and coastal erosion that affected the communities who live by the seaside. Through various efforts, the issue of climate and disaster is mainstreamed in the village government work plan, which can be seen in mangrove planting along the coastline to overcome abrasion threat, seawall rehabilitation, and boat moorings making. Paulus Mustamu, better known as Uncle Poly, believes that mangrove is an important part of coastal ecosystem in his village. He is determined to protect his village by restoring a healthy mangrove ecosystem. He hopes that Haruku community is able live in harmony with the nature, but also is resilient in facing the climate impacts. Photo date: October 8, 2016

Restoring mangrove ecosystem for coastal protection

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Country Indonesia
Topics Coastal, Disaster Risk Management, Natural Resource Management

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