Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Plant Doctor, Small Farmer

Rupa Thapa (left) is a Community Business Facilitator (CBF) and Plant Doctor in Lele, Lalitpur District Nepal. Rupa is conducting a Plant Clinic diagnosing samples to recommend safe Integrated Pest Management (IPM) bio solutions for disease and pest problems that are made worse by climate change. CBF Rupa earns a commission on agro input sales and provides training to her 600 small farmer customers (420 are women). Rupa earns $1,300/year working part time. Rupa’s 600 customers earn over $400/year selling vegetables, in aggregate over $240,000/year, greatly benefiting the community. Rupa was trained to be CBF by the USAID IPM Innovation Lab (IPM-IL, 2015-19) led Globally by Virginia Tech and in Nepal by partner iDE. Rupa uses IPM based recommendations developed by the IPM-IL working with Government. The IPM-IL in partnership with the global CABI Plant Wise program trained Rupa and 43 other CBFs to become Plant Doctors. Plant Doctors receive intensive training, have access to online databases, and are backstopped by Nepal’s plant protection services. Rupa has extended safe technologies to successfully control the devastating exotic Tuta Absoluta Tomato pest that arrived in Nepal in 2016. (Photo by Bimala Rai Colavito, iDE Volunteer, December 31, 2018.

Rupa Thapa, plant doctor, Lele Nepal,

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