Four people stand near a small farm plot filled with cabbage plants.

This photo was taken on May 10, 2019 in Leyden, a small village in the Waterberg district in Limpopo province, South Africa. Rainfall is scare in this village and the rest of the province is faced with water scarcity. Hence small scale vegetable cultivation is rarely practiced in this village. This all changed through a smart agriculture initiative implemented by a national NGO, Humana People to People in South Africa (HPPSA). With funding received from Global Water Challenge, HPPSA mobilized community members in Leyden and trained them on how to manage water and grow vegetables on dry land through mulching. The results were so amazing so much so that more than 375 family members in the community to day benefit from vegetables harvested from their backyard gardens irrespective of the water scarcity in the community. This as they employ smart agricultural practices.

Smart agriculture farming in Leyden, Limpopo

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Country South Africa
Topics Adaptation

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