Three forest patrollers take a snapshot using a mobile phone for the Lawin forest and biodiversity protection system
Three forest patrollers using the technology-based Lawin forest and biodiversity protection system.

In Taytay, Palawan, Philippines, Lake Manguao fosters ecotourism livelihoods and supports income-generating products from freshwater tilapia and non-forest goods. It also serves a vital surface water supply source. However, its vast land area presents a significant challenge for the Taytay Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) forest patrol team including Karl, John, and Veo, constrained by limited human resources. Within the remote forest-covered areas encircling the lake, illegal activities like timber cutting, charcoal making, and slash-and-burn farming are widespread and contribute to emissions that increase climate change. 

USAID Philippines, through its Safe Water Project, collaborates with MENRO and community-based organizations, notably the Lake Manguao Community and Indigenous People Agricultural Cooperative (LMCIPAC). Together, they strive to enhance patrolling efforts using the technology-based Lawin forest and biodiversity protection system. Lawin offers a digital platform to record forest observations, detect threats, and communicate with environmental law enforcement authorities, generating automatic patrol reports. By utilizing mobile phones donated by Globe Telecom, MENRO and LMCIPAC undertake patrols, extending coverage to vulnerable and hotspot areas in Lake Manguao. For the community members, the preservation of forests surrounding the lake is paramount, as it safeguards their livelihoods and ensures a thriving ecosystem and water source.

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