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SYLLA DIONGTO, SENEGAL - JANUARY 15, 2015 Community-based solution provider Hapsatou Ka runs a young volunteer group to teach critical nutrition and hygiene practices to mothers-to-be. Trained by the nutrition program USAID Yaajeende, Hapsatou is now sharing her knowledge, giving 11- to 12-year-old girls the information they need to eventually live productive lives and raise healthy children. In Senegal, where 17 percent of children under 5 are underweight, these efforts are making communities healthier, smarter and stronger. “Our next generation will be in much better health because they will know better how they should eat,” Hapsatou says. “When you eat something that is clean, good and rich, you will have a good, healthy life.” Find the full story on USAID’s new storytelling hub:

Teaching girls about nutrition and good hygiene

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Country Senegal
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