Three Indigenous Embera women of Colombia
This photo, taken in Mutatá, Antioquia, Colombia, shows three Embera women who are going to travel to France to be trained in high-quality chocolate prep.  Embera Indigenous Cabildo from Mutatá, Antioquia, in Colombia, who are part of the REDD+ Project supported by the Program Paramos and Forests of USAID, have made an alliance with the Company La Finca Brava to promote high-quality cocoa produced in their lands. The alliance going to train three women in the prep of delicious products based on cocoa. The origin of cocoa and the knowledge of women will be part of the marketing strategy to export high-quality cocoa to Europe.

They Are Cocoa

Photographer Photo by: Mario German González Guarin
Copyright © 2021 "Copyright  2021Paramos and Forests Activity of USAID. Mario González

Country Colombia

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