A woman sits next to numerous large plastic water jugs.

Ms. Vorng Chantha, a drinking water station entrepreneur in Pursat, Cambodia supported by the USAID-funded Feed the Future Cambodia Rice Field Fisheries II project. To date, over 120,000 people have benefitted from the 12 drinking water stations installed by the project. In addition, over 100 local schools are being supplied with free safe drinking water, thanks to contributions from the franchise. By providing an improved and affordable source of drinking water, the project strengthens local people’s resilience to the effects of climate change. “Before I joined this drinking water station I earned US$50-100 per month. Now I earn around $120-$150 per month. We now sell more bottles than before, because people know the quality of our water is better than water from outside. The primary school students ask their parents to buy our water because they like the taste when they drink it at school.” Photo credit: Vichet Sean / WorldFish

Turning water problems into business opportunities

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Country Cambodia
Topics Water and Sanitation

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