Image of a group of people on a boat in a river basin lined by tall trees. A large drone controlled by one of the group flies overhead.
CINCIA uses drones to improve the analysis of deforested mining areas.

USAID's Amazon Vision 2020 Report looks at the Agency's efforts to address illegal deforestation, among other topics. This includes USAID’s collaboration with Wake Forest University’s Center for Amazonian Scientific Innovation (CINCIA) to research how the effects of illegal deforestation in Madre de Dios, Peru can be mitigated and reversed. CINCIA scientists are researching reforestation techniques to reclaim the Amazon as quickly as possible, as well as monitoring mercury pollution and deforestation using drones. If CINCIA’s reforestation pilot with Peru’s National Protected Areas Services in Tambopata National Reserve is successful, the government of Peru could use similar techniques to reforest other areas of the Amazon, such as the nearly 10,000 hectares in southeastern Peru that have been destroyed by illegal mining since 1985. CINCIA uses drones like the one pictured here to improve the analysis of deforested mining areas. 




Using Drones for Analysis of Deforested Mining Areas

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Country Peru
Topics Biodiversity

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