Water workers repairing a pipe within the watershed

To support waterworks personnel like Rustom and Rowel, USAID Philippines, through its Safe Water Project, stepped in to assist the Aborlan Municipal Government in Palawan. This initiative involves the funding, reconstruction, and redesigning of the water supply systems in Culandanum and Talakaigan, Aborlan, which will benefit more than 2,000 households. The project aims to create climate-resilient water systems that can withstand the impacts of future disasters. By providing robust infrastructure, the water supply system can be better prepared to face climate-related challenges. 

Once the reconstruction is complete, waterworks personnel will no longer have to rely on frequent repair works, which are often challenging inside the watershed. The improved water system will enhance their ability to perform regular operations and maintenance effectively, ensuring consistent and reliable access to clean water for the community.


Water Worker Heroes

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Country Philippines
Topics Disaster Risk Management, Water and Sanitation, Humanitarian Assistance, Infrastructure

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