The panorama shows the extent of the recovery of abandoned, unproductive and degraded land over the last three years in the Municipality of Caucasia, Antioquia (Colombia). The Artisanal Gold Mining Activity began its first pilot rehabilitation project planting just 12 hectares of Acacia mangium and ended up rehabilitating 2,000 hectares, planting 2,000,000 trees in the process.

Location and date the photo was taken: Municipality of Caucasia municipality, Antioquia (Colombia). The photograph was taken on June 14, 2019.

Who is depicted in the photo: Rehabilitation pilot for the Artisanal Gold Mining Activity.

What activity is depicted in the photo: Acacia mangium forest on rehabilitated land.

How the activity addresses climate change: Rehabilitating lands with Acacia mangium has restored habitats and supported species. A study evaluating the resurgence of wild flora and the presence of birds and mammals in the plantations developed by the Artisanal Gold Mining Activity showed that the plantations have allowed the incursion of birds and mammals and the dispersal of seeds, which contributes to the survival of fauna and wild plant populations.

Name of the relevant program receiving USAID support: The Artisanal Gold Mining Activity of USAID.

Names of partner organizations involved in the program: The Fish and Crops Association and the Artisanal Gold Mining Activity of USAID.

Window on the forest.

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Country Colombia

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