Women planting mangroves in Zanzibar

Mangroves are a salt-tolerant species that can grow in warm water, and are frequently planted to help adapt against climate change impacts, such as reducing the impacts of shoreline damage and alleviating seawater intrusion. In Zanzibar, a local NGO called ZACEDY is committed to empowering local citizens to build their adaptive capacity by planting mangroves along the coast. Part of ZACEDY’S mission is also to uplift members of the community by creating local job opportunities. These are some of the women involved in the mangrove planting project. At the national level, the United Republic of Tanzania is engaged in a National Adaptation Planning process to scale up the country’s adaptation efforts—such as building coastal resilience through planting mangroves—focused on improving cross-sectoral coordination, integrating adaptation into development planning, and expanding access to climate finance

Women Planting Mangroves in Zanzibar

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Country Tanzania
Topics Adaptation

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