Location and date the photo was taken: Royal Botanic Garden (RBG), Al-Balqaa Governorate, Jordan; 16 December 2019
Who is depicted in the photo: Karma Bouazza - Nursery Technical Expert (measuring the seedling’s height), and Sara Al-Faqir - WADI Intern (documenting measurements)
What activity is depicted in the photo: Monitoring and evaluation of the seedlings planted at the reference site being a research location to measure the effect of plant restoration on ground water recharge.
How the activity addresses climate change: The remote sensing system installed at the reference site in close cooperation with environmental experts from the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) and support from United States Forest Service (USFS) experts, will provide much-needed information on soil humidity that will help in elucidating possible restoration positive impact on Jordan’s critical water situation. Furthermore, obtained results can be used for scaling-up forest restoration conducted in the Tal Al-Rumman area to other parts of Jordan; this can help mitigate climate change impacts.
Name of the relevant program receiving USAID support (via Global Climate Change or other funds): N/A
Names of partner organizations involved in the program: Watershed and Development Initiative (WADI), RBG, ICARDA, and USFS

Women in Restoration

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Country Jordan

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