Adapt Asia-Pacific

The Climate Change Adaptation Project Preparation Facility for Asia and the Pacific Activity (Adapt Asia-Pacific), funded by USAID and the US Department of State, covered 13 countries in Asia and 14 Pacific Small Island Developing States.

The project built the capacity of governments to adapt to climate change and provided technical assistance to prepare organizations to access and receive climate funding for projects that increased resilience to the negative impacts of climate change.

Adapt Asia-Pacific leveraged over $576M in financing for climate change adaptation projects that benefited almost one million people. Working with national and international partners, Adapt Asia-Pacific helped develop 36 adaptation projects, including 9 gender-inclusive projects, in 14 countries across the Asia-Pacific, and provided over 1,000 people with 25,000 person hours of training.

Project status:  COMPLETED.    Banner Photo Credit: Adapt-Asia Pacific project.
The “Urban Resilience Roadmap” is an innovative tool that bridges the gap between policy and implementation. The roadmap was designed to help key decision-makers better understand and navigate the process of increasing urban resilience by breaking the process down into manageable steps. These steps begin with strategy development and progress through project implementation.
Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience: A Training Manual
Gender and Climate Change Adaptation: A flexible training package
Analyzing the Economic Costs and Benefits of Climate Change Adaptation Options
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AECOM (project status: closed)
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Saengroaj  Srisawaskraisorn
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Pornpun (Apple) Pinweha
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