Tending the Garden Together, TFA 2020

TFA 2020 - Tropical Forest Alliance 2020

Forests are critical to climate change mitigation as well as food and water security and livelihoods.  Sourcing of agricultural commodities is a major driver of deforestation and in recent years innovative approaches and partnerships have emerged to stop commodity-driven deforestation. Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 (TFA 2020) is a global public-private partnership where partners take voluntary actions toward achieving the goal of deforestation-free commodities.
TFA 2020 uniquely fosters collaboration across actors and sectors based on a growing understanding of the barriers and opportunities linked to deforestation-free supply chains.  Partners work together to improve planning and management of tropical forest conservation, land use and tenure, and forest and supply chain monitoring.  TFA 2020 partners also share expertise across sectors and regions, collecting best practices and developing critical resources for stakeholders throughout the supply chain.
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