ATLAS - Climate Change Adaptation, Thought Leadership and Assessments

ATLAS aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of climate risk reduction in development programs through tested, harmonized approaches to adaptation assessments; thought leadership; and by building the capacity of USAID and its partners.  By integrating adaptation into development investments, ATLAS helps to safeguard and promote sustainable, climate resilient growth.

As awareness of the socioeconomic consequences of climate change grows, USAID Missions and partner governments are increasingly looking for support in assessing climate change vulnerability and improving climate-related decision making. Through new methodologies and tools for assessing climate risks, ATLAS helps evaluate adaptation options and synthesize best practices. A key emphasis of ATLAS is the uptake and use of information, helping to translate assessments into adaptation investment decisions and concrete actions at the country, sector, and program levels.

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Banner photo credit: Henriques Balidy, 2015, Centre for the Sustainable Development of Coastal Zones.

USAID Adaptation Community Meeting Series

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Climate Adaptation Assessments
In-depth assessments conducted in a variety of countries and sectors.
Guidance and Methods
Guidance documents, toolkits and other learning tools.
Climate Risk Management Resources
Profiles of climate risk by country.
Adaptation Community Meetings
Event descriptions and recordings of past meetings.
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Chris Perine
Chief of Party

Victoria Fulton
Operations Manager

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