Climate Adaptation Support Activity (CASA)

The USAID Climate Adaptation Support Activity (CASA) provides strategic support to USAID Missions and USAID/Washington to advance effective adaptation mainstreaming, programming, and scaling meaningful change.

Climate change affects virtually everything USAID does. It also threatens the development progress the Agency has supported for more than 60 years. To counter this, USAID has been working to help communities prepare for and manage climate impacts while also protecting and advancing critical development priorities. USAID’s adaptation initiatives support climate information, research, planning and policy, technology, and best practices across a range of sectors. In doing so, they advance global food and water security, reduce impacts of climate-related shocks and stresses, prevent the spread of vector-borne disease, and reduce conflict.

To support this work, CASA pursues three objectives:

  1.  Actionable information: 
    • CASA works with governments, local communities, and other partners to develop and synthesize actionable information to support the design and implementation of impactful adaptation approaches, interventions, and systems shifts.
    • Services include: climate and climate-related risk, adaptive capacity, adaptation options, and similar analyses. CASA also develops adaptation guidance and decision-making tools.
  2.  Adaptation and resilience approaches: 
    • CASA supports USAID and its partners to identify strategic and forward-looking adaptation and resilience approaches to support sustainable, scalable, and innovative adaptation.
    • Services include: synthesizing evidence, conducting research, developing thought leadership, and supporting monitoring, evaluation, and learning.
  3. Capacity, convening, and partnership strengthening: 
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CASA provides inclusive capacity, convening, and partnership and coalition strengthening to support impactful adaptation action.
    • Services include: technical assistance, learning exchange, mobilization of partnerships and coalitions, knowledge management, and communications.

More information on CASA is available in the CASA Fact Sheet.

Are you a USAID Mission, Bureau, Operating Unit or independent office interested in a buy-in?

As the Agency’s flagship adaptation support project, CASA serves as a cross-sectoral support mechanism to USAID, allowing for flexible, rapid buy-in and easy access. If you are interested in receiving support from CASA through a buy-in process, please contact Pete Epanchin, Senior Climate Adaptation and Resilience Advisor and Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), Laurie Ashley, Climate Adaptation and Resilience Advisor and Alternate Contracting Officer’s Representative (ACOR), or the CASA team.


Activity Reports and Learning

CASA provides strategic support to USAID Missions and USAID/Washington to advance effective adaptation mainstreaming, programming, and scaling for meaningful change. CASA regularly publishes reports to highlight activity progress and learning.  

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Equitable, Inclusive, and Locally Led Adaptation

CASA is supporting equitable, inclusive, and locally led adaptation in-line with the President’s Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (PREPARE) and the foundational principles of USAID’s 2022–2030 Climate Strategy. These documents and tools help define and operationalize key priorities including locally led development and equity and inclusion, starting with CASA’s Gender, Inclusion, and Localization (GIL) Strategy.

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Financing Climate Adaptation

CASA is helping lead efforts to mainstream, improve, and operationalize climate financing to advance adaptation. This supports the USAID 2022-2030 Climate Strategy’s pledge to mobilize $150 billion in public and private finance for climate. These documents and tools provide resources for donors, implementing partners, and stakeholders working to mobilize climate finance and achieve adaptation goals.

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Enabling Climate Adaptation

CASA is working with USAID, host country governments, and other stakeholders to catalyze an enabling environment for climate action and long-term, transformative change. These analyses and tools help facilitate adaptation goals by providing frameworks, policy guidance, and engagement strategies for USAID and its partners. 

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Climate Risk Profile

Climate Risk Profile: Ethiopia


Primer: Locally Led Adaptation

Cover page of CASA FY2023 Semi-Annual Report

USAID CASA FY2023 Semi-Annual Report

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