USAID Climate Finance for Development Accelerator | Climate Finance Investment Network

The USAID Climate Finance Investment Network (CFIN) brings together a diverse set of finance seekers, finance providers, and other ecosystem actors from a variety of sectors and markets to increase investment in climate solutions. These firms represent a broad spectrum of climate expertise, institutional capabilities, and regional experience. The CFIN is used to share opportunities to partner with USAID under the Climate Finance for Development Accelerator (CFDA). Through the CFIN, CFDA also offers avenues to strengthen the broader climate finance ecosystem through knowledge sharing, tools and resources, and several sector-specific communities of practice. 

There is no cost to join the CFIN and membership does not involve any commitment or obligation. Organizations and platforms interested in supporting the development, testing, and scaling up of solutions to increase the availability and accessibility of private sector finance for climate mitigation and adaptation in emerging markets are welcome to join the CFIN. 

Please complete the partnership intake form to express your organization’s interest in participating in the Climate Finance Investment Network (CFIN) and describe areas in which your organization would like to explore advancing a climate finance partnership. Completing the form could take up to 10 minutes. The questions are designed to (1) help us direct communications, learning, and partnership opportunities aligned with your organization's interests and mandate and (2) determine eligibility for potential special initiatives.

Disclaimer: CFDA reserves the right to remove members from the CFIN for non-compliance. CFIN members that explicitly ignore requirements and/or instructions for respectful engagement will receive one warning and then will be subsequently removed from the network.