Global Assessments of Promising Landscape Productivity Enhancement Approaches


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Agriculture's Footprint: Designing Investment in Agricultural Landscapes to Mitigate Forest Impacts

This working paper summarizes current knowledge concerning the relationship between investment in agriculture and the conversion of forest lands. It describes approaches to agricultural production commonly proposed to reduce the likelihood that agricultural investment will result in the conversion of forest land. It presents the available evidence regarding the effectiveness of these approaches in different contexts and under different conditions. It also describes actions commonly proposed to strengthen systems of governance to reduce the likelihood of deforestation.

Sustainable woodfuels production systems

Work is underway to develop guidance for USAID on the design of programs with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of woodfuel harvesting. Attention is being given to the lessons learned from the emergence of successful and sustainable woodfuel production systems, particularly those supporting urban driven demand.

Community-Based Forestry Enterprises
This sourcebook is designed specifically to support USAID field staff. It walks users through key questions to inform decisions that any CBFE team needs to consider in order to establish realistic expectations, identify critical interventions, and maximize the chance of successful project outcomes. For a short summary video of the Sourcebook, please see: CBFE ProLand Sourcebook: A Short Walk-Through.

This assessment outlines four critical enabling conditions for community-based forestry enterprises that support the combined environmental, economic, and social goals of sustainable community forest management. The assessment provides the basis for guidance currently being developed for USAID on the use of community forest management as an approach to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Please find the following individual field verification reports for Community-Based Forestry Enterprises:

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