RALI - Resources to Advance LEDS Implementation

The RALI project helps developing countries speed their transition to climate-resilient, low-emission, and sustainable economic growth. RALI supports the technically rigorous development and implementation of low emission development strategies (LEDS) by providing tools, technical assistance, and resources to support USAID and its partners, as well as host country governments in the implementation of low emission development strategies. RALI developed the online CLEER Tool, for example, which provides a standard platform for estimating, tracking, and reporting emission reductions from clean energy programs.  

As countries adopt strategies to pursue low emission development, they need information to demonstrate the benefits of such strategies, and to efficiently achieve and amplify positive impacts. RALI shares lessons learned and supports evidence-based decision making. The international community can use these standard approaches to improve measuring and reporting longer-term and transformational outcomes of low emission strategies. Such information serves as a critical input to mobilizing investment, quantifying and sharing lessons learned, and increasing momentum for low emission development. “In addition to the content highlighted below, RALI also publishes the RALI Series, a collection of papers to share examples of low emission development in practice.”

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ICF International
Marian Van Pelt
Project Director
marian.vanpelt [at] icfi [dot] com 
John Venezia
Deputy Project Director
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