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USAID’s Engendering Industries

Launched in 2015, USAID’s Engendering Industries increases gender equality at organizations in male-dominated sectors worldwide. Expanding women’s participation in male-dominated industries leads to tangible economic outcomes for women, such as formal employment opportunities and higher income. Increased gender equality also improves an organization’s business performance by reducing turnover, improving employee satisfaction, and driving productivity. Partners also link gender equality activities with decreases in revenue loss and improvements to brand and reputation.

Nearly 100 organizations in 40 countries partner with Engendering Industries through the Intensive and Accelerated Programs. Through these programs, organizations use evidence-based gender equality  tools and best practices, demand-driven coaching, male-engagement strategies, and social and behavior change communication to implement gender equality interventions at their organizations. 

From 2017-2021, Engendering Industries has supported Intensive Program partners to: 

  • Hire and promote 5,000 women 
  • Train 35,000 women on technical and soft skills to advance their careers
  • Enroll 1,200 young women in internship and trainee programs 
  • Create 56 new policies on gender equality, equal opportunity, maternity/paternity leave, and gender-based violence and sexual harassment 
  • Implement over 560 gender equality interventions

To learn more, visit the Engendering Industries website.


Enhancing Equality in Energy for Southeast Asia

USAID is improving gender equality in the energy sector to advance women’s economic empowerment and strengthen energy institutions. Tapping into women’s unique contributions can strengthen the energy sector across Southeast Asia and accelerate inclusive economic and social development.

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Research shows that women’s participation improves the efficacy of climate change adaptation and mitigation programs.
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