Resilient Waters Awareness Campaigns

How to Build a Ventilated Improved Latrine Pit

The Botswana Department of Water and Sanitation, supported by the Resilient Waters Program, raised awareness on the operation and maintenance, advantages and disadvantages of a ventilated improved pit latrine. 

This brochure provides visual guidance on constructing this latrine to encourage uptake country wide particularly in areas with limited water supply.


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Communities Leading Natural Resource Management: World Environment Day 2022

To celebrate World Environment Day, Resilient Waters hosted a community-based celebration to commemorate World Environment Day in partnership with the Kwalata Community Development Initiative at Dinokeng Game Reserve in Hammanskraal, South Africa. The event brought together 300 local community members, environmental organizations, and government, business community, cultural, and media representatives.

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How to Build a Dry Compost Toilet

The Botswana Department of Water and Sanitation, supported by the Resilient Waters Program, raised awareness of the operation and maintenance of building a dry compost toilet. 

This brochure provides visual guidance on how to construct this type of toilet to encourage uptake in areas where there is limited or no water supply.


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Campanha de Conscientização Climática: Dia Mundial da Abelha

Em reconhecimento ao Dia Mundial da Abelha 2022, o Programa Resilient Waters trabalhou com a PanAfricare nos Parques Nacionais do Kuando-Kubango, Angola, para aumentar a conscientização sobre o papel crítico que as abelhas desempenham na manutenção dos ecossistemas terrestres e sistemas alimentares, bem como a Iniciativa de Empoderamento das Florestas de Miombo da PanAfricare para aumentar a produção de mel de uma forma ambientalmente sustentável.


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Climate Awareness Campaign: World Wetlands Day

In recognition of World Wetlands Day 2022, Resilient Waters highlighted its work with the Dambari Wildlife Trust in Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe to understand the importance of and threats to wetlands as well as the work Dambari Wildlife Trust is doing to conserve and rehabilitate wetlands.

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Improving Conservation and Resilience Planning and Practices

Resilient Waters worked at transboundary, national, and local levels to build more resilient and water secure southern Africa communities, particularly in conservation planning and practices. This planning communications product prioritizes social-ecological resilience, climate-smart interventions, and improved sustainable livelihoods opportunities for individuals across southern Africa.


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MARU Community-Based Integrated Water Resource Management Brochure

Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) aims to create sustainable water security and promote sustainable and equitable management of water resources while prioritizing social equity and economic efficiency. 

This brochure highlights community-based integrated water resource management support provided by Maru Ciberconnect, funded by Resilient Waters.


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Restoring Ecosystems and Habitats

This Restoring Ecosystems and Habitats campaign, supported by Resilient Waters, aimed to raise awareness of alien and indigenous plant species in South Africa, describe ways that people and animals can damage ecosystems, and list responsible and environmentally friendly practices to remove alien plants and help restore the environment.

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Climate Awareness Campaign: World Bee Day

In recognition of World Bee Day 2022, Resilient Waters worked with PanAfricare in Kuando-Kubango National Parks, Angola to raise awareness of the critical role bees play in sustaining terrestrial ecosystems and food systems as well as PanAfricare’s Miombo Woodlands Empowerment Initiative to increase honey production in an environmentally sustainable manner.


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