USAID Adaptation Community Meeting: Preparing Assets for Severe Climate Weather Threats and Reducing Vulnerability – A Risk-based Process

On February 16, 2017, the USAID Adaptation Community Meeting hosted Cardno principal Michael Bilney, MBA who discussed Cardno’s approach of a risk-based method to screen facilities and evaluate the most vulnerable to potential severe weather threats.  The approach combines qualitative risk assessment, asset management principles, and facility condition and engineering assessments to identify site-specific vulnerabilities and their related adaptation and resilience improvement actions.  Key activities of the analysis process, lessons learned, and adaptation and resilience improvement measures and strategies were summarized.


Michael Bilney, MBA, is a principal at Cardno Government Services. Mr. Bilney is an organization analyst and performance improvement specialist with over 25 years’ experience. He provides asset management, risk, strategic planning, and risk-based prioritization decision-support services. He has worked for Federal defense (USMC, Army, Navy, and Coast Gard) and civilian agencies (NASA, NOAA and DOE) and the private sector.

Download the event presentation here.

This event was organized by the USAID Climate Change Adaptation, Thought Leadership, and Assessments (ATLAS) project. All Adaptation Community Meeting webinars can be found here
Strategic Objective
Adaptation, Climate Risk Management, Infrastructure, Vulnerability Assessment, Resilience

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