Webinar: Grid Modernization Actions to Improve Renewable Energy Integration


On April 20, 2022, USAID’s Scaling Up Renewable Energy (SURE) program hosted a webinar to discuss the types and sequence of investments as well as actions required to manage the flexibility needed for successful grid integration of renewables. Experts compared the different approaches taken in Colombia, Kazakhstan, and India and summarized the costs and investment sequence for implementing these grid improvements. 

The webinar helps policymakers and power utilities by:

  • Avoiding analysis paralysis in  order to create an action plan;
  • Building support and buy-in from policymakers and investors; 
  • Creating an understanding of actions needed to ensure that renewable generation units are visible and that their ramping capacity can be managed; and 
  • Identifying actions that enable the system operator to sense and manage existing sources of flexibility in the thermal and hydro generation fleets.


By modernizing the grid, countries can accelerate their transition to clean energy, with power utilities cost-effectively integrating utility-scale and distributed energy resources. Consumers will enjoy lower electricity prices and uninterrupted service and can participate more equally as prosumers.

View the slides from this webinar.

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