Old growth forests of Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape as effective carbon sinks to mitigate impacts of climate Change

Biodiversity Conservation

USAID researchers measure a towering Manggis tree in southern Palawan, Philippines.

Healthy, biodiverse ecosystems provide goods and services critical to human well-being and resilience. Climate change poses a direct threat to biodiversity through stressors such as higher temperatures, shifting precipitation patterns, and ocean acidification. Nature-based solutions to climate change, like land use planning and sustainable forest management, can help conserve biodiverse ecosystems while also addressing the climate crisis. Healthy ecosystems can play a critical role to address climate change by absorbing carbon, reducing disaster risk, supporting livelihoods, and improving food and water security. USAID’s Climate Strategy outlines the Agency’s work to achieve these objectives.

Cross-Sectoral Resources
Ecosystem-based Adaptation Portal
Integrating Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation in Activity Design
Integrating Biodiversity and Sustainable Landscapes in USAID Programming

Debt-for-Nature Swaps (DFNS): A Primer

Technical Report

USAID’s Climate Work: FY 2023 Review

Our 2024 Photo Contest theme is In Focus: Communities Confronting Climate Change. Submissions will be accepted beginning June 5, 2024 until July 19, 2024.
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USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity (CGFA) leverages the enthusiasm of Cambodia's environmentally conscious youth to advocate for social change and policy reform by uniting high school and college leaders to form Green Groups.
a group of five students converse in front of a powerpoint presentation
Despite the reforms from Colombia's Constitution of 1991 prioritizing conservation, some of the most important voices were left out of the country’s conservation efforts: those of the Indigenous people who have historically inhabited and cared for Colombia’s biodiversity. 
Two men stand holding vegetables, backdropped by green mountains

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