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Energy is a key driver of economic growth and resilience facilitating the provision of health, education, clean water, and other services for improved quality of life. At the same time, three-quarters of global carbon emissions come from the generation of electricity and direct consumption of fossil fuels. Given this reality, transitioning to clean energy is imperative for mitigating climate change, and has many co-benefits that include preventing up to 6 million premature deaths each year from exposure to toxic air pollution. To help achieve the goals of USAID’s Climate Strategy, USAID works across all aspects of the energy sector to accelerate this transition and fuel global prosperity by building critical skills among partners, strengthening institutions, and facilitating investment in technology and infrastructure. These initiatives help countries build sustainable, resilient systems, which make countries more energy secure, more prepared for the climate crisis, and better able to meet their development goals.

Circular Economy for Clean Energy Equipment
USAID Engendering Industries Program: Advancing Gender Equality
Mining and the Green Energy Transition: Review of International Development Challenges and Opportunities
Mobilizing Climate Finance for Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments: A Primer for Integration

Stand-Alone Solar Product Catalogue


Preparing Indigenous Youth for Colombia's Clean Energy Economy

In Honduras, USAID seeks to promote renewable energy and environmental conservation and strengthen marginalized groups' participation in local and national governance.
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NREL identified ten climate finance levers that could be applied to USAID programs to increase the scale of investment in clean energy and energy efficiency in partner countries.
Mini-Grid Solar Project on a Remote Island in Myanmar
In a significant move towards advancing Jordan's decarbonization initiatives, USAID's Energy Sector Support Activity created the Decarbonization Finance Directory.
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