Kaarinah Luvongo overlooks the turbines at the Ngong Wind Power Station in Ngong, Kenya.

Gender and Social Inclusion

Climate change exacerbates existing inequalities and increases the vulnerability of women and other marginalized and underrepresented populations to gender-based violence, disempowerment, poverty, food insecurity, and more. Gender equitable and inclusive climate programming improves adaptation, mitigation, and resilience results while also reducing gender inequality and elevating women as climate leaders. To achieve USAID’s ambitious goals, climate and development programs must take a rights-based, gender-responsive, and socially inclusive approach. USAID’s Climate Strategy accounts for the unique knowledge, skills, and networks that make women and girls critical stakeholders in designing and implementing climate solutions. USAID’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Policy elevates women’s leadership in climate action as a key objective and includes specific recommendations for integrating gender equality into climate-related sectors. USAID works with women and girls, as well as youth, Indigenous Peoples, and other marginalized and underrepresented groups, to identify and implement climate actions, ensuring climate solutions do not exacerbate inequalities or lead to unintended consequences in the process.

Gender Analysis for the USAID Climate Strategy 2022-2030
Gender Equality and Climate Finance Technical Brief
Gender, Resilience, and Food Systems
Indigenous Peoples Guidance
Technical Report

USAID’s Climate Work: FY 2023 Review

On the first-ever day for ‘Children, Youth, Education and Skills’ at a COP, the FCDO and USAID announced a new partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation.
Group of children and youth holding farming tools
Young people from more than 400 universities across 77 countries participate in the YouthMappers network to identify and respond to the needs of their communities.
Group of people kneeling around tree sapling
The USAID Water Efficiency and Conservation Activity empowers young leaders to use their innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to tackle the pressing challenge of water scarcity.
Four scouts watching woman holding small piece of hardware

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