Climate change impacts development. Increased frequency and intensity of extreme events damages schools, hospitals and roads. Changing precipitation patterns impact agricultural productivity. The incidence and distribution of water-borne and vector-borne diseases are changing. USAID activities have the potential to help people, communities, governments and other institutions in developing countries adapt to actual and expected changes in climate. USAID activities can also support reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, altering the very trajectory of climate change.

A number of USAID activities are now contributing to both climate change and development objectives. In addition, USAID is systematically conducting climate risk management of all new USAID strategies, projects and activities to improve their impact and sustainability. The agency also invests in formal and informal training of its staff on global climate change considerations to grow its technical capacity across all sectors to address climate change.

Climate Risk Management at USAID

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Climate Risk Profile

Climate Risk Profile: Ethiopia


USAID Climate Strategy 2022-2030


USAID uses evidence from the latest research on behavior change to inform human-centered climate solutions across sectors—including in water security, sanitation, and hygiene.
Woman working to construct a terrace at a Irish Potato farm and cooperative in Ngororero, Rwanda
Our 2023 Photo Contest theme is USAID’s Climate Strategy in Action: Confronting the Climate Crisis Across Sectors. We are looking for submissions that show the breadth of issues, impacts, and solutions to climate change across 13 categories. Submissions will be open starting July 11, 2023.
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When the Climate Strategy launched, Climatelinks built a hub as an easy way for climate and development professionals to find Climate Strategy resources. In this blog you will find a compilation of some of the most popular resources on the Climatelinks Climate Strategy hub.

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