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Effective land and resource governance can help mitigate the impacts of climate change by promoting careful management, restoration, and stewardship of land, resources, and ecosystems. Secure land tenure also can encourage individuals and communities to adopt climate change adaptation and resilience practices. USAID recognizes the importance of promoting equitable and inclusive systems of land governance to ensure that women and vulnerable populations have a clear pathway to obtain secure land rights. The Agency also is committed to partnering with Indigenous Peoples and local communities, who own or manage more than a quarter of the world's lands, to protect and secure their tenure and enable them to lead on climate action. USAID's Climate Strategy and the USAID Policy on Promoting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples guide the Agency's efforts to protect natural ecosystems, empower Indigenous Peoples, and support effective land governance systems for climate resilience.

Effective Engagement with Indigenous Peoples
Gender Norms and Women’s Land Rights Brief
Migration and Forest Condition Literature Review
Natural Climate Solutions and Land and Resource Governance
Effective land and resource governance can encourage restoration and stewardship of land, resources, and ecosystems, which can help mitigate climate change's impacts.
A woman holds her baby while standing watch over a recently-burned section of Kirisia Forest, to be used for Charcoal Collection
Please find a recap of the August 2023 ‘Land’ theme below. You won’t want to miss this short list of top programs, resources, and blogs from the month.
First rise in Rwanda
Bangladesh is a land-scarce country with a high-density population. However, land use changes and the impacts of climate change are rapidly reducing the amount of arable land. Bangladesh requires an increased investment in sustainable land use planning to both increase economic growth and ensure food security for its growing population. 

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