Cities are on the frontlines of climate change since they are critical to advancing global mitigation targets and are facing adverse climate impacts now. Rapid urbanization is making it difficult for subnational governments to provide equitable and reliable service delivery to all residents. Cities are critical for meeting immediate climate targets and moving countries towards long-term systemic transformation on inclusive and sustainable development. As part of USAID's Climate Strategy, the Agency will expand work in cities to reduce emissions; support adaptation, equity, and inclusion through a just transition; and invest in sustainable land and water management. USAID will support sustainable, resilient, affordable housing, infrastructure, and services in urban areas, including in slums and informal settlements, that are vulnerable to flooding, drought, extreme heat, and other climate risks.

Best Practices in Monitoring and Evaluation of Urban Climate Adaptation: A Literature Review
Engaging the Private Sector in Green Infrastructure Development and Financing
Heat and Urban Environment Issues: Quick Guides
USAID’s Urban Resilience Technical Guidance
Case Study

Reducing Single-Use Plastics Through Social and Behavior Change Research

Learn more about USAID’s work to help cities prepare for climate impacts and foster resilient urbanization.
Ariel view of Danang, Vietnam
The world is witnessing the highest levels of migration on record, and climate change will increasingly drive this trend. Estimates indicate that by 2050 over 216 million people could move within their countries for climate-related reasons.
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Bike sharing systems play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable transportation within cities, especially in regions where the demand for innovative mobility options is pressing. The city of Bogotá, Colombia has established an extensive bike sharing system, showcasing the city's commitment to sustainable and accessible urban mobility.

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