Old growth forests of Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape as effective carbon sinks to mitigate impacts of climate Change

Sustainable Landscapes Opportunity Analyses Hub

USAID’s Sustainable Landscapes Opportunity Analyses (SLOAs) provide a national-level overview of land conservation, restoration, and management interventions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They help Missions meet the criteria for use of Sustainable Landscapes funds, which, among other things, require that programs must be informed by analyses and evidence to focus efforts on the highest potential for land-based mitigation, taking into account the context and USAID’s comparative advantage and manageable interest. As such, SLOAs include a wide range of Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) pathways, from forest conservation to livestock management to peatland restoration. USAID Missions can use a SLOA to help determine which land-based interventions could deliver the greatest possible emissions reductions at the country level. The SLOA assesses and prioritizes NCS opportunities by considering the magnitude of potential mitigation, feasibility of the intervention, cost-effectiveness, and co-benefits to other sectors like biodiversity, livelihoods, or other aspects of human wellbeing. The consideration and integration of co-benefits alongside emissions reduction strategies is a central part of the SLOA approach and aligns with the USAID Climate Strategy’s commitment to transformative change across key sectors.

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