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New technical information and best practices at the intersection of climate change and development are constantly emerging, requiring that USAID staff and other development practitioners gain new knowledge, skills, and abilities.

In response, USAID provides learning opportunities for staff working to address  climate change considerations in their work across sectors. These include face-to-face training and workshops, online courses, asynchronous learning, and interactive webinars. All training is designed to help participants master a defined set of climate change technical competencies. 

Many USAID projects also provide climate change learning opportunities for host country counterparts and other development practitioners.


Climate Basics Course

This self-guided, one-hour course introduces how and why Earth’s climate is changing. It also explains why climate is relevant to development—with the ultimate goal of providing staff with a foundation of knowledge upon which to build as they implement the Strategy.

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Climate Finance Training

USAID has prepared an e-textbook and an online training module to help develop this capacity.  The e-textbook is a reference guide on finance terms and principles and the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of various types of financial instruments for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The online training module  provides practical examples on scaling up financing for clean energy, natural climate solutions, and climate adaptation.  

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Climate Resilient Development 101

This 2-hour online course, intended for USAID staff and partners, uses interactive features and videos to introduce fundamental concepts of climate resilient development, including how climate impacts are affecting key development sectors.

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Climate Strategy Webinar Series

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The 5Rs Framework in the Program Cycle


Climate Finance Training

Mobilizing climate finance is one of the six targets in USAID’s Climate Strategy. For more information and tools related to climate finance, check out these resources. 
Alternative livelihoods such as beekeeping are essential to uplifting communities while protecting forests.
The most visited resources in 2023 cover a range of topics including climate risk management, climate finance, and indicators for climate change and development.
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USAID is committed to supporting a just and inclusive transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. 
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