Climate Change Learning for USAID Staff

USAID offers core courses on climate change adaptation, mitigation and monitoring & evaluation for all staff. USAID also offers mission-tailored courses and trainings on special topics in climate change, such as climate-smart food security.

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USAID Mission Training Highlights

USAID provides mission-tailored deliveries of its climate change core courses with a special emphasis on integrating climate change and development across sectors. These are open to mission staff, local implementing partners and host country counterparts. Recent deliveries include Haiti, Senegal and Peru.

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Illustrative Results

Since 2011, USAID has conducted more than 25,000 person hours of climate change training for USAID, other USG and implementing partner staff, reaching individuals from 72 missions worldwide.

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Women are the primary custodians of natural resources in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region and are at the forefront of the impacts of climate change. Yet, when it comes to decision-making and research on managing these resources, women’s voices are rarely heard.
Complex relationships between the climate, population growth, land cover change, and other interactions make decisions on land use planning, water permitting, and donor investments in natural resources management challenging. Decision-making on how and where to make investments is improving in Tanzania due to development partners becoming more proficient in using sophisticated environmental analysis tools such as composite index mapping.
There is great value in pushing for youth education in climate change action. Designing projects that focus on issues youth care about can lead to unexpected, positive outcomes. And engaging youth as active participants with the autonomy and agency to act can have lasting effects long after a development project ends.